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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The Little Black Duck

I like lots of stuff. For starters, there's robots, drinking booze, making lists, bees, badgers, owls, caramel flavored anything, mustelids, sloths, Eddie Izzard, horrors and creature features, attempting to have more mystique, John Irving, otters, algebra, Audrey Kawasaki, Latin, poetry by crazy people, colouring in, sentipensante, grr-rappsters, the Militia kids, propmaking, Dave McKean, Pimms, sultry singer piano chicks, hearing the orchestra tune up, pug dogs, Mike Mignola, Reese's Peanutbutter Cups, rain on the roof, hot concrete, being snide, the nape of the neck, physical theatre, lust vs limerance vs love, bass guitars & brass & drumkits, urban art, taking lots of showers, winning prizes, rare steak, having outrageous parties, the smell of petrol, Barcelona, making stuff out of other stuff, harvey wallbangers, "a cohesive aesthetic", polaroids, speaking terrible French, talking smack at Te Whare, seeing karma in action, Barnaby & Paul's reinactments of reality TV, kisses, scratching and biting, the pin-up grrls, giving gifts, good food & company, sleeping on freshly laundered sheets, creating fucking awesome itunes playlists, the sound of lawnmowers in the distance, redecorating, laundry straight out of the dryer, playing Names, opening old leather bound books, the Stage, the Hunt, the Fall, Music, Art, Words, Respect, Stolen Glances, Truth, Discourse, Touch, Freedom, Innovation & Evolution, baby.

I could go on. But I won't. And yes this is shamelessly ripped from my facebook profile.


Hello !

I probably should have added robots to my list. Amongst other things (including talking smack at Te Whare).




I like YOU, m'dear : )
And I love your masthead.


Things I like:

Ewan McGregor

Things I hate:



Things I like:
New duvet covers, toys from pop-up (especially dunnys!) The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, the labyrinth, frankincense, photographs of my family, my red hooded scarf with wolf screen print, books! all kinds of books, the christchurch botanical gardens, my Nana's fish ponds, my brothers old headless chickens lp, trinkets from the middle east, stones, a female buddha from my dad, the colours purple and green, dozers (the little guys who make buildings from sugar in Fraggle Rock) drinking outdoors, the smell of roast chicken, our vege garden, mushrooms, salavdor dali, Beauty by Sheri S Tepper, american typewriter font, amethyst, Hettie's rock shop in christchurch, green acoustic guitars, cushions, orchards, theatre, the christchurch arts centre, road trips


Things I don't like:
The word damn, the christmas parade, walking home alone in the dark, fleas, people who don't listen, narrow-mindedness


I also like Goldie Hawn


The smell of roast chicken! hell yes! And our vege garden!

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