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Monday, January 12, 2009



Alba's outfit is hot.
I often think those fug girls are either crazy or conservative and boring.
She is starting to look like Jennifer Beals in that photo.


haha they do get it wrong! They make me laugh though. High waist purple pants are fine. great even!


alba's outfit here is kind of delicious, especially the trousers. i'd brush my hair tho. just sayin.


Reddoorread: If I were her I would have worn my hair off my shoulders as well, if nothing else.


If you're going to wear purple pants, make sure they're stretchy. You know, in case you Hulk out.


Hehe Jarrod, that is definitely a fashion consideration too many ignore!

I love the Fug girls, and even though I disagree with them fairly often, their writing is pretty awesome.

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